My Early Ohio Families

This site is dedicated to my family, current and ancestral, known and not-yet-known. The site contains sections for the eight main surnames I am researching. Some of the "chapters" are very sparse and others have more information. I am endeavoring to document all the information I post. However, not all information is currently documented, so if you know of errors or have additions to make please contact me. And please document for yourself if you are going to use the information in your own genealogical work.

I have called the site "My Early Ohio Families" because Ohio (or sometimes across the Ohio River in Kentucky) is the common location for the families at the time of my great-great grandparents. The eight family names are those of my great-great grandparents. Each of the families actually came into the country someplace else and migrated to Ohio. I am trying to track each line back at least to the time that my first ancestor came to this country.

I am interested in knowing about the people who were my ancestors and presenting their stories so that others may know them too.

My Early Ohio Families
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